Rose Kallal, Cru Servers, Phosphene

The Hidden Noise / humansacrifice present:
Rose Kallal, with Phosphene and Cru Servers

Tuesday 15th September 2015
CCA Theatre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Tickets £7 (£6 concession)

The Hidden Noise and Humansacrifice are pleased to present a unique, one-off event of mind-bending electronic music and hypnotic visuals.

Hailing from New York, and in Glasgow for one night only, visual and sound artist Rose Kallal will be performing a live modular synth set, with her multiple 16mm film loop projections. Her live installations create a mesmeric nonlinear flow of repeating patterns, motifs and animations, sometimes synchronous, sometimes dissonant, that reflects both the repetition of sounds and the constantly shifting nature of the music.

Cru Servers is the audio-visual collaborative project of Glasgow-based brothers Rickie and Jamie McNeill. The sounds made are a kind of Poundshop psychedelia, where permo flashbacks bring half memories of Marshall, Theo and Juan, and hardware remains their master and guide.
Their use of materials: astral, geological or otherwise is scrambled but predominately orthogonal, and their continued policy of exponentialism – as regards colour – stands in direct opposition to the current prevailing economy of death.

The night will include a rare performance by Phosphene, John Cavanagh’s solo project for semi-modular synth (a vintage EMS VCS3). So far there have been three full-length albums and many other releases, including collaborations with Lol Coxhill, Bridget St. John, Jackie McKeown (1990s), Nalle, Bill Wells, Isobel Campbell, Drew Mulholland and members of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.
The collaborative performance by Phosphene and The Asterism at the 2009 Le Weekend Festival is listed among “highlights of the year” in the January 2010 edition of The Wire magazine.

Records will be played by Rafla (Hot Club, Rebel Rouser) for your listening pleasure.